Using the Barcelona Metro - Let's use the metro

Using the metro is easy, but at first can be a little bit confusing like anything new. The first thing we need to do is buy a ticket. When you first approach the ticket machine it will likely be in the language Catalan, as are most subway signs. But you can change the language by pressing the little flag buttons on the button right corner of the touch screen.


So we are going to select the British flag to get english. Now it will be a little bit easier to make our purchase. The first option we have are the Hola cards. This will give you a 2,3,4 or 5 day pass to use the metro, buses and tram around Barcelona for that amount of days. These passes are unlimited, during this time, which means you can use it as much as you like.


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Park Güell
Park Güell, another reason why Barcelona is beautiful. The park commissioned by Eusebi Güell and designed by Antoni Gaudí, was originally to be an estate for rich families. In 1900, work commenced on the site, however, the project stalled after only 2 houses were built, the first plans called for 60. Work was abandoned in 1914.

Güell and Gaudí both lived at the location, Güell died at his house in 1918. After his death the property was sold to the city. It became a municipial park in 1926 and is now a large tourist attraction.

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Casa Batlló

Antonioni Gaudí was able to create some artistic masterpieces using the modernistic style.  One of his famous works is Casa Batlló (which means the Batlló house). The house looks very striking from the outside, it is a very easily recognizable place, even here in Barcelona, where interesting architecture is a plenty.


The house is broken down into sections, so it is easier to understand.  These areas include the entrance hall, modernistic courtyard, noble floor, attic and terrace.


The noble floor was where the, Batlló family lived.  The salon has three large picturesque windows that provide excellent views of Passeig de Gracia.


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Let's go shopping in Barcelona

Barcelona is a shopper's dream especially around the holiday season.  Take the metro to Passeig de Gracia and you will be in the heart of the action.


You can find all of the world famous brands here like Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Chanel, Hermes, Longchamp, Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss and many more.


Each shop looks beautiful from the outside, especially when they are all decorated up for Christmas.  The store windows filled with beautiful scenery, showing off their latest fashions and wares.


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Exchanging Your Money - Buying Euros
Buying Euros to use here in Barcelona can be a hassle. There just are not many places here that offer a decent exchange rate. On La Rambla, which is one of the main tourist areas, you will find Casa de Cambios (money exchange houses) . They will offer to exchange your foreign money, however most offer very poor rates, so i would not recommend using them.

I only found one called Ria Money Transfer, that seemed to offer a fair rate. They will give you a better rate if you exchange higher amounts as well.

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Places to eat on the cheap in Barcelona for €10.00 or less

Sometimes while you are out and about, you are looking for a quick place to grab a bite, without breaking the bank.  While on vacation we are normally on the go, so sometimes we just want to stop to refuel.


Luckily, here in Barcelona, you have a lot of choices as to where to eat.  There are plenty of restaurants and cafes throughout the city. 


In Barcelona, coffee is very important to the locals, in fact its a daily part of life.  We oftentimes just like to go to a café, to have a coffee and chat, or simply read the newspaper.


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Plaza de Toros Monumental (bullfighting stadium)

The last bullfighting stadium to host events is now a museum and an interesting tourist attraction. Corridas de Toros (bullfights) were a popular past time for many years in Catalonia.


The bull and the Matador are a vital part of the history of the Spanish culture. Modern thinking in Catalonia has lead to an outlawing of the sport. But, these bullfighters were once like heros, with men who wanted to be them and women who adored them.


As I understand this is a controversial topic, you will have to decide for yourself if this is something that you would like to see in Barcelona.


The bullfighting stadium Monumental is now a museum and it is an interesting and inexpensive place to visit. The architecture alone is worth a visit, see it from the outside first, then from the inside. Read more here about Plaza de Toros Monumental

Quick Tips
It is normally best to pay for things in Euros when using a credit card, if you pay in your own currency they will usually tack on a conversion fee. Consult your credit card company before your trip to see what they charge to convert your transactions, some cards charge low fees, or even no fee at all.