Casa Batlló

Antonioni Gaudí was able to create some artistic masterpieces using the modernistic style.  One of his famous works is Casa Batlló (which means the Batlló house). The house looks very striking from the outside, it is a very easily recognizable place, even here in Barcelona, where interesting architecture is a plenty.


The house is broken down into sections, so it is easier to understand.  These areas include the entrance hall, modernistic courtyard, noble floor, attic and terrace.


The noble floor was where the, Batlló family lived.  The salon has three large picturesque windows that provide excellent views of Passeig de Gracia.


Unfortunately, it is kind of expensive to take a tour of the house. I entered with my family and it was interesting, however at the price they charge, we felt it was overpriced. If you are a fan or student of architecture, then i would definitely recommend it. It is certainly a unique house, you would be hard pressed to find anything similar in the rest of the world.


There is a small upper terrace, that extends out of the front of the house. You can get a nice view from here, if you want a picture however, they will take one of you but you have to pay extra. We did not like this very much. Maybe a better option is if you have someone waiting out front, they could snap a few photos when you come out on the terrace for free.


Prices are cheaper if you buy your tickets online. Children 6 and under get in free, which is nice. There is a discount for Senor Citizens as well. Here is the link https://www.casabatllo.es/en/visit/prices/

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