Places to eat on the cheap in Barcelona for €10.00 or less

Sometimes while you are out and about, you are looking for a quick place to grab a bite, without breaking the bank.  While on vacation we are normally on the go, so sometimes we just want to stop to refuel.


Luckily, here in Barcelona, you have a lot of choices as to where to eat.  There are plenty of restaurants and cafes throughout the city. 


In Barcelona, coffee is very important to the locals, in fact its a daily part of life. We oftentimes just like to go to a café, to have a coffee and chat, or simply read the newspaper.


It's a must for any café to have a good quality espresso machine.  The locals here will not accept anything less, than a quality cup of coffee.  The coffee of choice in Barcelona, is café con leche (which means coffee with milk in English).  It's very good and not expensive either here in Barcelona.  A café con leche usually costs around €1.70.

Elias Boulanger since 1932 Barcelona

This place is great, they make all their own homemade bread, so you know it's fresh.  You can find a lot of locals here as well, it's a favorite spot of many. They have quite a few locations throughout the city, so there should be one close to you.


You can purchase homemade breads here, delicious sandwiches (called bocadillos bo-ka-dee-yos in spanish) and fresh coffee.


A large variety of fresh sandwiches daily, including vegetarian, tuna, smoked salmon and Brie cheese (my favorite), ham, chicken, salami and more.


Sandwiches cost around €3.00 - €4.00, so it’s a pretty good deal.  A café con leche usually costs around €1.70.


They also offer a wide variety of tasty pastries and cakes.  So if you prefer you can have them with your coffee.


I rated my sandwich a 9/10 and my coffee a 7/10 on my last trip here. The coffee is a bit on the strong side for me, slightly bitter taste, but not bad. Where to find their stores

La Fabrica - Empanadas Argentinas

Empanadas are a tasty South American treat that can also be found here in Barcelona.  In places like Argentina and Chile they're sold just about everywhere, including street corners.


Take thin dough, fill it with your favorite ingredients, form it into an attractive shape and bake.  That's how you make an Empanada.  If you've never tried one, you should and they are not expensive. They are most similar to a calzone or pizza pocket.


La Fabrica (which means the factory in English) knows how to make them right.  Plus they offer a large variety of different styles and flavors.


You can try meat, chicken, vegetarian, tuna and cheese empanadas.  I tried the mushrooms and artichokes, it was delicious.  I also had an eggplant, provolone cheese and Pesto sauce.  Which was equally tasty.


The price is right here as well, an empanada costs €2.00 and you can get two with a drink for €5.00.


I spoke to two women from Greece living here in Barcelona, they told me that this place was their favorite for empanadas. Here is where to find them

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