Plaza de Toros Monumental (bullfighting stadium)

The last bullfighting stadium to host events is now a museum and an interesting tourist attraction. Corridas de Toros (bullfights) were a popular past time for many years in Catalonia.


The bull and the Matador are a vital part of the history of the Spanish culture. Modern thinking in Catalonia has lead to an outlawing of the sport. But, these bullfighters were once like heros, with men who wanted to be them and women who adored them.


As I understand this is a controversial topic, you will have to decide for yourself if this is something that you would like to see in Barcelona.


The bullfighting stadium Monumental is now a museum and it is an interesting and inexpensive place to visit. The architecture alone is worth a visit, see it from the outside first, then from the inside.


I have never been to a bullfight in my life, however when entering the stadium I could almost feel the ghosts of yesteryear. It must have been an intense place, with people cheering for their favorite Matadors (bullfighters). I can imagine that the spirit, angst and tension were palpable, for both participants and spectators.


The museum itself contains many of the actual accoutrements used in the bullfights. You will see the brightly colored costumes worn by the Matadors, swords used in the events and even heads of the animals killed are on display.


The brightly colored hand drawn posters were my favorite thing. I love to look at these hand drawn works of art. Some of these actual posters that hung in the stadium Monumental to promote the Corridas (bullfights) are available for purchase in the gift shop. I purchased one for €10 and will look to have it framed in the future.


The entry will cost you €6.00 which is a reasonable price. They are open from 10 a.m to 2 p.m. , close for lunch then reopen from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m..


Located at Carrer Marina (Marina street)   , it is very close to Sagrada Familia ( 8 minutes walking approx.) the closest metro stop is Monumental (purple line) its very close to the metro stop.


The stadium is sometimes still used for modern events, like food and beer festivals, sporting and concerts. The stadium originally opened in 1914 with the name Plaza de El Sport, it was later renamed to Monumental. It had a capacity for 19,582 spectators.


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