Using the Barcelona Metro - Let's use the metro

Using the metro is easy, but at first can be a little bit confusing like anything new. The first thing we need to do is buy a ticket. When you first approach the ticket machine it will likely be in the language Catalan, as are most subway signs. But you can change the language by pressing the little flag buttons on the button right corner of the touch screen.


So we are going to select the British flag to get english. Now it will be a little bit easier to make our purchase. The first option we have are the Hola cards. This will give you a 2,3,4 or 5 day pass to use the metro, buses and tram around Barcelona for that amount of days. These passes are unlimited, during this time, which means you can use it as much as you like. They also include the extra price of going to the airport, which is not included with your normal metro tickets.


2 day costs €14.50 , 3 day  €21.20 , 4 day €27.50, 5 day €33.70


So we have some good options here if you are on a short term stay. If you don't need to take the metro or bus to the airport then I would recommend another type of ticket to save money.


A single ticket costs €2.15 which is not really a good option. Better to buy the multi trip tickets, you have to press others to see these on the screen.. The T-10 will give you 10 trips for €9.95 it’s a good choice. It can also be used by the whole family, because every time it goes through the machine they stamp a trip on it.


If you need more trips, purchase the T-50/30 this will give you up to 50 trips that are valid for the next 30 days.


If you are going to be here for a month or more, the best option is to purchase the T-Mes. Which means month. This will allow you unlimited trips in a wide area of Barcelona.  When you purchase this card it will ask you for your passport # or European id #. Because these type of tickets are not transferable to anyone else.


All of these tickets can be used for the metro, bus and trams. So you have some great, inexpensive travel options here. Its much cheaper than using the taxi service.


Remember to hold on to your card and keep it in a safe place. I keep mine in my wallet like a credit card, because if you lose it, you will lose the remaining trips.


So, great you picked out which card you want to use. Now we can pay for it. The machine accepts cash and a credit card. Follow the instructions on the screen. When your purchase is complete, the ticket will come out of the bottom of the machine. You have to open the little window to get it out.


So, now you are ready to travel. Approach the turnstiles and select one with the green arrow showing, if it has the red x it is currently out of service. Put your card into the slot on the bottom, not the top. It enters at the bottom and comes out at the top. If the card comes back out of the bottom, it did not accept it at first. Try again. You will get a message in Catalan that says "Buen Viatge" (this means have a good trip).


Start walking forward the gates should open and you are off to the metro.  The normal system is from whatever stop you are at, there will be 2 directions. There is normally a stairway and escalator located on both sides going down. One direction is normally to the right and the other is to your left. You have to look at the large map on the wall to figure out which direction you need.


It is best to take your time here and make sure you have the right direction before going down the stairs. This will save you some time. There are also elevators located throughout the metro stations for people that have trouble walking. Sometimes they can be a little tricky to find though.

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